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Commercial Surety

Commercial surety represents about everything else outside of "sticks and bricks" in the surety bond world. While most sureties define this as anything other than construction, there can be characteristics of contract surety in commercial surety. This would apply to areas of supply and install contracts that could be a part of an overall construction project.

Otherwise, the commercial surety world has a vast number of obligations, the majority of which apply to public statutory obligations. Most of this is known as license and permit. These bonds respond to a law or statute that will spell out certain obligations that are meant to protect the public's interest. These bonds pertain to financial responsibility as well as professional conduct.

Other commercial obligations are guided by the court systems to support obligation in court cases that are directed by the court. (replevin bonds, appeal bonds, supersedes bonds, attachment bonds, etc.) There are bonds for probate such as guardian bonds, administrator bonds, Executor bonds, etc.

There are still many other obligations (customs bonds, workers compensation bonds) but the majority are those just mentioned.

Commercial bonds typically aren't classified as contracts. They are typically comprised of: license and permit, court, public official, and miscellaneous.